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What is a Community Foundation and Why Should You Support it

Dec 13, 2021 | Blog

What is a Community Foundation and Why Support Its Efforts

At the Dublin Community Foundation, our mission is to support local non-profit organizations by raising, investing, and dispersing funds for the enrichment of the entire Dublin community. Why donate to the Dublin Community Foundation when you can donate directly to the nonprofit organizations of your choice? 

How does a community foundation operate?

A community foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit, publicly supported philanthropic organization with the long-term goal of building permanent, named funds, for the broad-based public benefit of the residents in a given area. 

Generally speaking, the mission of every community foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the local area. Community foundations carry out this very broad mission by building permanent endowment funds and using a portion of the annual income to support a variety of local non-profit organizations through grants and special projects.

The Dublin Community Foundation

At the Dublin Community Foundation, our goal is simple, to raise funds to meet the identified needs of our residents, improving quality of life. We do this through a collaborative effort that consists of:

  • Donors – Partner with the Dublin Community Foundation to fulfill their personal philanthropic goals.
  • Community organizations – Apply to receive grants on a biannual basis to support their work in the greater Dublin community. 
  • Community members – Are empowered to impactfully give, connect, and volunteer for causes they care about. 

Governed by a board of directors of community leaders, the Dublin Community Foundation’s all-volunteer board shares a common goal of connecting community generosity with community needs

Collectively, the trustees’ diverse skill set, depth of experience, and commitment to the community combine to create a leadership organization that is dedicated, strategic, and visionary. 

Why Support the Dublin Community Foundation?

The Dublin Community Foundation serves as a facilitator between people and organizations to promote partnerships and collaboration that will create a vibrant community.

While it makes sense to continue supporting specific nonprofit organizations that are important to you, giving to the Dublin Community Foundation is also a way to provide a benefit to the causes you care about.

  • Our commitment to endowment ensures that your gift makes a permanent impact within the Dublin community.
  • We have the ability to accept complex gifts.
  • We can connect you with the professional expertise necessary to manage and invest your gift when appropriate. 

We hope that you will take some time to get to know the Dublin Community Foundation and consider a donation so that we may continue to support the good works happening in our community.