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Dublin Community Foundation partners with diverse donors, including individuals, families, and businesses, who share the goal of creating a positive and lasting impact in our community. We can drive meaningful change and address critical needs through a powerful generosity network.

Who Supports the Dublin Community Foundation?

(Grants from Foundations and Nonprofits)

Dublin Community Foundation has a storied history that began as the “Dublin Fund” under the umbrella of the renowned Columbus Foundation. We are proud to maintain this longstanding partnership as they continue to support our initiatives. Additionally, during the challenging times of the Pandemic, the Denso North America Foundation generously contributed to our Dublin Has Heart Fund, specifically designated for COVID-19 Relief.

How is Additional Funding Secured?

By making a tax-deductible donation to the Dublin Community Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, it is possible to play a vital role in funding for our initiatives. Our safe and secure online Donation system (via Donately) provides the option to support specific campaigns and earmarks either with a one-time or recurring, monthly tax-exempt donation. We sincerely appreciate donations of any size and they do make a difference.

For those seeking larger tax deductibility — whether individuals, families or businesses – there is an additional opportunity to actively partner with us to steer these funds by establishing a Donor Advised Fund.

Join us in demystifying the terminology and explore our comprehensive Glossary of Philanthropic Terms.

Individuals:  Discover the numerous benefits and rewards of establishing a donor-advised fund.

Businesses:  Discover the strategic benefits and increased brand equity of establishing a corporate-advised fund.


Dublin Community Foundation Create Donor Partnerships