Establishing a Corporate Advised Fund

Businesses can be hands-on with community philanthropy
Five Compelling Reasons to Open a Fund
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5 Compelling Reasons for a Dublin Community Foundation Corporate Advised Fund

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Your philanthropy becomes cost effective and efficient

A standard corporation and Dublin Community Foundation agreement creates a Corporate Advised Fund. There are no costs associated with opening a Corporate Advised Fund with the exception of a nominal annual fee covering all administration and grantmaking services. The investment management fees vary according to the investment strategy selected. DCF provides tax receipts for all contributions and have many years of experience handling all type of assets including cash, stock (publicly traded, restricted, closely held or pre-IPO) and real estate.

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Your corporate giving is easy

A Corporate Advised Fund is a component fund of Dublin Community Foundation, operating under our Federal Tax ID. There are:

  • no tax returns for your corporation to file
  • no excise taxes to be paid,
  • no minimum payout requirement,
  • no upfront legal fees, and
  • no legal liability.

It is a seamless means of outsourcing your corporate giving program.

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Corporate Community Visibility Increases

Your corporation selects the name of your Corporate Advised Fund (“The ABC Company Fund”).

Grant checks and transmittal letters include your company’s name and contact person at your company.

In partnership with your corporation’s media/PR team, DCF can help:

  • Advance your business’ visibility in the Dublin community,
  • Coordinate employee volunteer opportunities, and
  • Share news about your recent charitable investments through your corporate-advised fund.
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You can be a catalyst for regional, systemic change.

Critical issues defy conventional answers and are too complex to address alone. Forming strategic partnerships is essential for tackling Dublin’s most critical issues that also impact all of Central Ohio, too. Our successes in Dublin can often inspire other communities to take similar action. When your business joins our community leadership work, it becomes a catalyst for regional, systemic change. We research to:

  • identify emerging needs,
  • search for successful solutions;
  • bring together nonprofit and community leaders, corporate leaders, civic officials, experts, and donors to create and fund collaborative solutions.

As part of our mission, Dublin Community Foundation thereby builds community initiatives and forms donor partnerships at numerous levels.

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Corporate Philanthropy Becomes Strategic.

Once a Corporate Advised Fund is established, the Foundation’s staff will work with your business colleagues to help shape a giving program that provides specific and measurable strategies — to meet your philanthropic objectives. Consultations will also be offered to employee groups or corporate executives interested in creating individual charitable legacies.


Funding and support for Dublin Arts Council’s popular Riverboxes project has been generously provided by a grant from The Dublin Foundation, which also supported the creation of the original Riverbox series. These small works of public art have been placed in Dublin parks with access to the Scioto River, and have been a treasured addition to our community. The project promotes family experiences, exploration of art and history and the opportunity for active engagement with spaces that members of our community may not otherwise discover. Dublin Arts Council thanks The Dublin Foundation for recognizing the value of this project, and for generously supporting the arts in our community.

David S. Guion, Ph.D
Executive Director

The Dublin Counseling Center received a grant from the Dublin Foundation to develop a special support group for parents that had lost children.  Start-up funds from the Foundation were utilized to develop the group, which was named “At a Loss.” The professionally facilitated group was founded by a member of the Dublin Community, and has been a vehicle of healing for parents grieving the loss of a child. The funds from the Dublin Foundation made the creation and ongoing work of this group possible.

Lucy Smith
Community Relations

The grant from the Dublin Foundation enabled the Dublin Historical Society to purchase a scanner and to develop a website. The website contains stories and descriptions of Dublin’s people and its growth from a settlement to a village and gives site visitors a taste of life in the 1800s and early 1900s. With the website, the Society can more effectively fulfill its mission of preserving history and educating the community on its past.

Tom Holton