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Dublin has a lot of heart with a variety of active nonprofits.
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Nonprofits are an integral backbone of all communities

Nonprofits play a crucial role in the Dublin community, serving as its backbone. At Dublin Community Foundation, we take pride in fostering a cooperative environment among local nonprofits. We encourage them to focus on making a positive impact without duplicating each other’s efforts.

By connecting with causes that matter to you, you can, too, actively support these nonprofits and contribute to the collective welfare of our community.

Note:  The Dublin Community Foundation supports nonprofits with grant funding when the project benefits the Dublin population.  We cannot support more general Ohio requests. 

Connect to the causes you care about, and join us in supporting our nonprofits!

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» Learn about establishing a corporate advised fund (for businesses)

» View our Nonprofits Directory (those with current or past DCF relationships)

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