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Benefits of Donating in Your Community

Benefits of Donating in Your Community

Aug 18, 2021 | Blog

It’s About More Than Just the Money: The Benefits of Donating in Your Community

Some benefits of supporting your community through charitable giving are obvious – you are filling a need that otherwise may go unmet and reaping tax benefits in return. But are the benefits of donating to community organizations only financial in nature? We would argue that, no, there are so many more benefits to donating – to both you and the community – that transcend the financial transaction and truly impact the place you call home. 

Let’s look at the host of benefits that charitable giving can provide that you may not have considered before:

  • Make an Impact – Of course, the primary reason that many of us contribute to local community organizations through our time, talent, and treasure is because it impacts the quality of life for our fellow community members. Whether it is donating to the Dublin Food Pantry to ensure our neighbors have enough to eat or to Welcome Warehouse to make sure our school-age kids and their families have what they need to succeed, giving helps strengthen the fabric of our community.
  • Inspire Additional Donations – Did you know that your consistent support of community organizations can be contagious and can inspire those around you to also want to make a difference? It’s true that giving to a cause that you are passionate about can cultivate the mission of the organization that you support and result in those around you also supporting its mission. 

The Dublin Community Foundation recently saw this phenomenon in action, when a personal donation by a resident initiated a campaign that resulted in the support of more than 30 corporate partners and residents that ultimately quadrupled the original donation and allowed for a much more significant impact.

  • Cultivate Generous Kids – Children who see their parents donate to charity  are more likely to be generous themselves. Think about your attitudes toward charitable giving and volunteerism and what messages you send to your children. And most importantly, ensure that they see you act out this generosity. Often your children are unaware when you write checks for charity or they do not see you when you run an errand for an infirm neighbor or cook a double batch of dinner for a struggling family. Let them know when you perform acts of kindness so that they understand its importance.
  • Feel Wealthier – This may sound a little like a “fake it until you make it” strategy, but it is true. Donating to charity, regardless of the amount, may help you feel wealthier. But your contributions may do more than just create a feeling of wealth. Some experts suggest that you’re more likely to stick to a budget and manage your personal finances more effectively when you commit to regular charitable donations. The result could actually be greater financial wealth.
  • Improve Your Health and Wellbeing – The “warm glow of giving” is actually the activation of the regions of the brain associated with pleasure, connection with other people, and trust. But beyond just a good feeling, the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping others is actually good for you too. It turns out that there are health benefits to both volunteering your time and your treasure. From lowering your blood pressure and stress levels to increased self-esteem, greater happiness and satisfaction, and even a longer life. And like other “highs”, giving is addictive too.
  • Double Your Impact – Want to feel like you have a super power? You might be able to double your impact through your employer’s match program. As a bonus, charitable matching programs enhance morale and job satisfaction. So while your dollars will go further and help more people with your employer’s help, you will also likely feel more connected to your work.

These are challenging and uncertain times, but Dublin nonprofit organizations, nearly all of whom the Dublin Community Foundation has supported at one time or another, are rising to the occasion thanks to the generosity of our community. Whatever your reason may be, please consider a donation to help us to continue the good works happening throughout our community.