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Donation for $1,800 to Dublin Library: Supporting Annual Dublin Literacy Day for Students of Daniel Wright Elementary

Sep 10, 2014 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

Author Meghan McCarthy inspired the students of Daniel Wright Elementary during the third annual, Dublin Literacy Day by reading her book, Pop: The Invention of Bubblegum with a little help from local community leaders.

A bubble gum blowing contest topped the Literacy day, where community leaders took part in a fun competition. Although the event lasted three days, the third grade classes at Daniel Wright will incorporate the book and other works by Meghan McCarthy into a more detailed lesson plan as part of their curriculum. Literacy events, partnered with innovative lesson plans, better prepare students for success in school as well as help to support them in the “I can be an author” section of the Common Core.

Through The Dublin Foundation’s contribution, each third grader was given their own personal copy of the book. Owning a copy of the book will encourage at-home reading as students share their excitement with their family.