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Donation of $1,500 made for Scottish Corner Elementary Multicultural Drums: Dublin Foundation Enhances Drumming Experience

Mar 1, 1999 | Archive, Arts & Culture, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

Broadening the ethnic variety of drums and percussion instruments so students could experience and appreciate other cultures was the goal of Scottish Corner Elementary. Teaching diversity in music helps students to expand their knowledge of and respect for multiple cultures. Hand drumming has been a unique feature of the arts department at Scottish Corner, and Jenny Bowman, the music teacher, wanted to preserve this reputation. She teamed with other experts and mentors, along with the students, to embrace and learn about these new instruments and their cultural values and history.

The students learned about the use of drums and percussion instruments in different cultures and had a chance to display their own artistic expression. The Dublin Foundation, a longtime sponsor of school programs, supported the educational importance of understanding and appreciating other cultural beliefs and art.