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Donation $2,000 to Sells Middle School Drama Club: Dublin Foundation Impacts Student’s Lives and Local Arts

Mar 1, 2000 | Archive, Arts & Culture, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

Producing live theater takes the effort of many players. From front of house to backstage crews, there are many tasks that must remain organized. But teaching the students of Sells Middle School all of these intricate puzzle pieces became an obstacle, due to the unequipped venue in need of updating.

Chad and Wendy Reeves, advisors to the Sells Middle School Drama Club, are credited with presenting five full-length Broadway musicals such as Alice in WonderlandAnnieThe Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Their vision was simple: They wanted students to participate in a dramatic production and learn all aspects of drama, aside from just rehearsals and plays. The long-term goal of the Middle School was to provide these non-musical opportunities to more members of the student body to broaden their horizons. The improvements to the Drama Club venue helped the advisors and the school achieved their goals.

The Dublin Foundation believes in educational growth and the importance of the arts for middle school students. Being a part of the vision of the Sells Middle School Drama Club served as a platform for the community to get more children involved in theater production. This sponsorship allowed students and faculty members to embrace and share the joy of the performing arts.