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Donation made $2,000 for Dublin High School Staff Leadership: Support of Staff Leadership from Dublin Foundation

Dec 1, 2003 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

With the addition of Dublin Jerome High School to the school district in the fall of 2004, preparations for the new students began early. To open the new school successfully, the newly hired staff needed to be trained on safety, culture and providing a safe learning environment. Creating a place for new faculty members to get to know each other and feel welcome was also important for the high school’s implementation. Building this team before the school opened was integral to ensuring that the school delivered a consistent message to students.

Thanks to the combined efforts and support of the Challenge Leadership Organization and the Dublin Foundation, Dublin Jerome High School was able to create a positive learning environment for everyone involved. Some of the topics covered involved risk-taking, problem-solving and shared leadership skills. These topics armed the staff members with the tools they needed to smoothly implement curriculum to the student body.