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Donation $10,000 to Miracle League of Central Ohio, Inc.: Dublin Foundation Partners in Miracle League Field Development

Sep 1, 2004 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Health and Human Services

Baseball has long been a national pastime embraced by many community members. However, children with unfortunate medical issues are often challenged to play the sport. The Miracle League of Central Ohio and the Dublin Foundation sought to change this scenario with a ballpark for children with special needs.

There are already several Miracle League Fields that have been built around the nation, and a field in Dublin is now a reality thanks to the Dublin Foundation. The playing field is approximately 15,200 square feet and includes a rubber surface that is flat all the way around to prevent any obstacles for children with disabilities. There are also bleachers for spectators and a scoreboard with a loudspeaker system to announce homeruns. All children should be able to experience the joy of sports, and what better one to start with than baseball.