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Award of $1,500 to MyEmergencyContactInfo.org: Dublin Foundation Backs Emergency Contact Information Drive

Jul 1, 2009 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

In Ohio, a new program has been put into action that involves collecting contact information from citizens to be stored in a database for emergency personnel use in the event of an accident. Having this next of kin data readily available, should you or a loved one be victim to an accident, can increase the efficiency of contacting family members. Ohio is the first state to create and implement such a program for its citizens. Contact data can be entered at www.myemergencycontactinfo.org or at any Ohio Deputy Registrar’s location.

For the MyEmergencyContactInfo.org organization, the boost of professionalism for their image was made possible with the support of the Dublin Foundation. The donation allowed them to create banners, literature and a table top display to be used at local health fairs, churches, school events, and other community events.  Through their increasing presence in the Dublin community and their unwavering compassion for promoting their cause, they were invited to attend other events and continue to uphold their foundation.