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Award for $2,354 to Forty Plus of Central Ohio: Dublin Foundation Advances Career Search for Forty Plus

Apr 1, 2009 | Archive, Dublin Community Other

Forty Plus of Central Ohio is a non-profit organization that works to assist community members in job searches and career opportunities. The organization is made up of a relentless group of volunteers and professionals who donate their time and knowledge to helping people find jobs. With state of the current job market, they have experienced a wave of new members seeking assistance. In order to serve the community with the consistency they are known for, they needed to update their software, computers and other equipment. Efficiency is important for the organization to remain effective, so they requested the assistance of the Dublin Foundation to help them achieve their goal.

The increase in productivity and the use of new equipment has helped them provide information, training and job-search knowledge for many community members. By providing citizens of the community with the tools to find employment, Forty Plus has helped the city of Dublin remain economically strong.