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School Rocks Party Box Gives Books and Resources to Dublin Students

Feb 18, 2019 | Blog, Education and Youth development, News

Authored by: Tia Gannon of School Rocks Party Box


A mother of two boys, 8 & 11, I’ve always been an active parent who always attended my children’s classroom parties. As a former event planner, the love for doing this was a perfect fit! My boys loved classroom parties so much that it made me think about the children who were not as fortunate to experience this in their classrooms (either because of funding or parent participation constraints).

In May of 2016, I turned to Facebook to find a partner teacher and the response was overwhelming! In less than one year, School Rocks Party Box (or School Rocks for short) has developed into more than just supplementing classroom parties, but now focuses on the needs of the whole child, as well as enriching the children’s learning experience.


Schools Rocks Party Box’s mission is to provide the necessities to enrich a child’s educational experience, making school more positive and rewarding:

  • Classroom parties that would otherwise not happen due to funding or parent participation constraints.
  • Schoolwide Reward Parties for students who make positive and safe choices and are good school citizens. In the past, these events have included a DJ dance party, magic show, or a carnival!
  • Schoolwide FREE Book Fairs allowing each child to select a book of their very own, at no cost to the kiddo or their families.
  • School supplies, classroom games & puzzles which give students in all classrooms access to engaging activities during indoor recess.


In 2018, we gave away over 6,000 gently read books through our Free Book Fair program. Some of these were the first book that the child recipient ever owned.

With the grant received from The Dublin Community Foundation, we will purchase new and popular books to supplement our Free Book Fair at Daniel Wright Elementary.

This gives nearly 800 Dublin students the opportunity to select a book to keep as their very own, along with a bookmark to save their spot!



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