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Encouraging the Exploration of Nature Through Art

Nov 17, 2021 | Arts & Culture

Recognizing the value of the arts as a vehicle for personal and community well-being, the Dublin Arts Council (DAC) began an Art & Wellness initiative to explore – and nurture – this connection. The initiative is based on research that shows that the arts provide opportunities to connect with oneself and others in ways that positively impact mental, emotional, and social well-being. 

The Dublin Community Foundation is pleased to continue its support of the DACs Art & Wellness initiative, most recently through a $3,000 grant to help present Patterns in Nature that launched September 4, 2021, and will run through at least December 31, 2021. 

Similar to Connect, which the DCF previously helped to fund, Patterns in Nature is a self-guided art and nature discovery series. For the project, the DAC collaborated with local artists to create new public art vessels, called “Fractal Boxes”, inspired by patterns found in nature. The Fractal Boxes were installed in a number of public parks in Dublin, including Kiwanis Riverway Park, Llewellyn Farms Park, and M.L. “Red” Trabue Nature Reserve.

Exploring nature through art.

The Fractal Boxes contain free activity booklets and art supplies that rotate seasonally and promote nature exploration and art creation. 

  • Fractal 101 Guide – An introduction booklet, available for the duration of the project
  • Fractal Pattern Hunt – September
  • Meditative Doodling Exercise – October 
  • Leaf Design + Drawing – November
  • Mandala Art Project – December 

In just the first 30 days of the project, more than 700 booklets and 1,000+ drawing utensils were distributed to residents and visitors of all ages, and engagement continues to be strong. In addition to the support provided by the Dublin Community Foundation, the project is a collaborative effort with The Ohio State University’s Department of Arts Administration, Education & Policy, and the Department of Design. The Dublin Community Foundation is pleased to support the DAC, as well as a number of other Dublin-based organizations that meet the varied needs of the Dublin community. Please consider a donation to help us to continue to support the good works happening in our community.