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New Normal

Embracing the New Normal with Flexibility and Technology

Aug 19, 2020 | News

While the impacts of the pandemic continue to be felt throughout our community and resulting in a “new normal”, the Dublin Community Foundation is using flexibility and a fair amount of technology to embrace it. 


More than ever, the DCF understands the importance of planning a way forward into this new normal, both for our volunteer Board of Governors as well as our grantees making a difference each day in the community. Board Secretary, Jenna Fullenkamp notes, “We have adapted, like many others to allow us to remain a tightly connected board and continue to make an impact in our community.”


The Board has pivoted to keeping in touch – and staying productive – through WebEx virtual meetings, a bi-weekly “5 Things” email from the Board President, and continues to grow the Dublin Has Heart Fund.  


“Adapting to this ‘new now’ includes everything from wearing face masks to keep each other healthy to leveraging digital technology for mental wellness and connectivity,” Fullenkamp notes. “Creativity, adaptability, and technology is key.” 


Just as the DCF Board has adapted, we are proud to see many of our community partners doing the same thing to meet the existing and emerging needs of our neighbors.  And no organization better personifies this intersection of technology and creativity quite like DCF grantee, Good Medicine Productions


The mission of Good Medicine Productions is to bring humans transformative joy through the art of improvisation, comedic performance and innovative storytelling. Their signature program serves pediatric facilities and nursing homes in central Ohio to provide one-on-one entertainment to children and elderly. The goal of the program is to empower patients in environments where they often feel powerless


In order to continue to safely serve kids and seniors who need this sense of connection now more than ever, Good Medicine has gone virtual. From virtual visits with patients to virtual wizard camps, the performers are continuing to reach in to use humor and parody to reduce anxiety, sadness and isolation in the medical environment.


The Board President, Harry Kamdar, stated, “As the new normal continues to evolve, The Dublin Community Foundation remains committed to empowering our community to impactfully support causes that they care about by connecting donors and non-profit service delivery organizations.”


Indeed, Dublin has heart!