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Dublin High School Robotics Team Awarded $2,550: Dublin Foundation Science and Technology Driven

Mar 1, 2007 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

The Dublin Foundation has long been a champion of programs that promote interactive learning. FIRST Robotics is one such program that focuses on high school students studying science and technology. Engineering mentors are paired with the students to form teams, and each team is given guidelines and time constraints to build and operate a robot. The success and growth of these teams has prompted FIRST Robotics to expand its parameters and reach out to middle school students.
Aside from augmenting the program, another goal is to conquer the challenge of facility location. With the means to build a new structure, FIRST Robotics could efficiently and conveniently continue its operations for the students’ benefit. By providing the support FIRST Robotics needed to achieve its goals, the Dublin Foundation had an immeasurable effect on the program.