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Donations totaling $28,100 to local Dublin high schools: Dublin Foundation Enables Fun but Safe Prom Party Environment

Mar 1, 1986 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development, Health and Human Services

Many high school students approach their prom night with much anticipation. With help from the Dublin Foundation, area high schools sought to make their after-prom events and senior nights the party of choice. The activities were to include games, prizes and refreshments for the students. Their concern was for the safety of not only the students, but of all residents of the City of Dublin.

Since the late 1980s, Dublin Foundation has supported funding for local high school after-prom parties. The purpose of these parties is to create a safe, supervised place for students to celebrate responsibly. Their intent is to keep students from attending unsupervised parties, and to help create lasting memories for the students.

These students are an important part of the community, and the Dublin Foundation wanted to be a part of the success of safe and fun after-prom celebrations. Not only did this allow parents to sleep comfortably, knowing their children were making good choices, but the community felt safer without fear of accidents or other unfortunate tragedies each prom season.