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Donation to Strides for Sobriety for $2,500 during 2015 Spring Grants

May 10, 2015 | Archive, Blog, Dublin Community Other, News

Teen addiction is a growing issue in today’s world. Seeking help to cut the ties to addiction, some teens are simply unable to afford the process.

Established in 2014, Strides for Sobriety Foundation in Dublin Ohio began as an observation: More and more young people were becoming victims of addiction but were not able to pursue recovery alternatives due to the cost of treatment. Although AA and their 12 step program has proved successful, a teen needs a starting point, a place to begin and without exposure to alternatives they are left trying to figure out how to remove themselves from an ugly disease called addiction.

The Dublin Foundation’s donation will directly impact the treatment for one individual’s rehabilitation that they would otherwise be denied due to monetary constraints.