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Donation of $2,500 to Welcome Warehouse: Dublin Foundation Supports Families in Need

Dec 1, 2008 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Health and Human Services

The Welcome Warehouse is a non-profit organization inspired by a Dublin school nurse, a clinic aide and a group of moms seeking to help families in temporary need within the Dublin community. By distributing almost anything families in need could want, they have given strength and confidence to many Dublin families since 2001. They strive to help people and give back to the community in any way they can.

The majority of the families they assist are of Hispanic decent, and many are poor and have limited means to learn and grow with their children. The Welcome Warehouse and the Dublin Foundation helped to provide these families with the education needed to break the language barriers they face, thereby encouraging parents and their children. By way of a portable computer lab and ESL academic tutoring classes, Hispanic children and their parents were given the gift of education through technology. The Indian Run Methodist Church offered space for a lab and tutoring session sponsored by the Welcome Warehouse. A portable lab allowed the Welcome Warehouse to travel to families with limited transportation options. NextGen Dublin, an organization that specializes in literacy initiatives, also assisted with the tutoring.