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Donation of $1,800 to CoolTechGirls/ROX: Engaging Young Women in the fields of STEM

Sep 10, 2014 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

 CoolTechGirls are the girls of today, creating the world of tomorrow through science, technology and engineering (STEM). The initiative of the group is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment to school age girls to ignite their passion in science and technology. 

 The core of the program parallels with ROX, which provides girls critical learning opportunities during their formative years, preparing them for challenges they will face in high school and beyond. By exposing young women to ideas, information and people that may be outside of their typical environment, ROX helps to instill a sense of worth and value.

 ROX and CoolTechGirls have teamed up to build both confidence and competence during the most influential years. This unique project, with supporting funds from The Dublin Foundation, will take place at a Dublin City School with 50 middle school girls and 100 parents.