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Donation awarded $3,500 for Dublin Historical Society Website: Dublin Foundation Supports Website for Dublin Historical Society

Mar 1, 2003 | Archive, Dublin Community Other

Thanks to the support of the Dublin Foundation, the Dublin Historical Society was able to successfully develop a system for scanning and digitizing photos to preserve the city’s history. The use of computers and storage space enabled the society to create digital images of photos and stories for the community to enjoy for years to come. The second phase of the project involved adding a website with these images and stories for residents to enjoy. Purchases of the scanned photos can also be made on this website.

The Dublin Foundation supported the new website design and the service it provides for the people of Dublin. Old photos can get tattered and torn, but this website, with the use of digital scanning, made it possible to protect the history of Dublin. Now not only can residents order historical photos, but they can enjoy the rich and lively story they tell.