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Donation $6,500 for Dublin Community Church Steeple Restoration: Dublin Foundation to Assist Dublin Community Church in Reviving Bell Tower

Feb 1, 2006 | Archive, Dublin Community Other

The Dublin Community Church is a historical community landmark that dates back to 1877. With time, the building has endured the environment, weather and age. Recently, members of the Buildings and Grounds committee of the Church noted deterioration to the steeple and bell tower. This steeple has served as a place for celebration, mourning and welcome in the Dublin community for more than a hundred years, and the people of the church wanted to revive this important piece of the historic building for the public to enjoy again.

With the help of the community and the Dublin Foundation, they were able to not only restore the steeple to its original condition, but also restore the community’s faith in the Church. The restoration of the celebrated bell tower at the Dublin Community Church was an enormous accomplishment for all of those who participated.