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Coffman High School Season of Life Granted $1,520 Donation: Dublin Foundation Builds Youth Character

Jun 1, 2006 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Education and Youth development

The task of teaching students about courage and personal responsibility lies not only in the hands of parents, but is fostered by the community, teachers, coaches and mentors. One of the best places to learn these skills is through extracurricular activities, where students experience firsthand the values of strength, teamwork and respect.

A group of involved parents found an additional motivator for children to learn and live by—a book by Jeffery Marx titled Season of Life. Many parents found the book’s message to be empowering, and they sought a way to get the author himself to deliver that message to teachers, coaches and parents. Through a grant from the Dublin Foundation, the author was able to appear in person, and our community benefited from his focus on inspiring young people.