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Awarded $3,450 to Miracle League of Central Ohio, Inc.: Dublin Foundation Sponsors Dublin Miracle Playground

Jun 1, 2006 | Archive, Dublin Community Other, Health and Human Services

Children with special needs often are faced with roadblocks when it comes to community playgrounds. Mobility challenges and vision impairment can hinder them from taking advantage of neighborhood swing sets and slides. The City of Dublin, along with local businesses, teamed up to develop a Miracle Playground adjacent to the existing Miracle League Field.

Their vision was to build a playground equipped with wheelchair ramps and special swings, as well as traditional equipment to promote social interaction between those with disabilities and other children. To make their dream a reality, they needed monetary support close to $275,000 to cover the costs of playground equipment, construction and materials. With support from the community, local businesses, the City of Dublin, and the Dublin Foundation, this dream was recognized and accomplished for the benefit of our children.