Grant Opportunties

Download the Grant Application.

The Dublin Foundation welcomes grant applications from non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organizations serving the Dublin community and immediately surrounding communities. Grants are awarded twice a year by the Foundation. Grants from The Dublin Foundation are determined by its Board of Governors. Board members are responsible for prudent review of funding requests.
The Dublin Foundation considers the following criteria for grant evaluation:

  • The project is likely to continue and expand after the grant period expires
  • All funding avenues have been/will be explored by the applicant
  • Grant award will serve as “seed money” for new and dynamic projects
  • Support would be vital or catalytic to the project’s success
  • Project stimulates cooperation among agencies without duplication of services
  • Compliance of grantee with reporting requirements for any prior awards
  • Grant request is compatible with the Dublin Foundation mission.

Application Criteria

The Dublin Foundation, on the basis of careful study, must select a limited number of projects for support from many applications. Requests for grants are first reviewed by the Grant Committee and then are presented to the board.

  • Since the Foundation serves Dublin, Ohio and the surrounding area, the board gives priority to applications which have direct relevance to this area.
  • Grants are made only to organizations having recognition under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Dublin Foundation makes no grants to individuals, although assistance ultimately benefits individuals.
  • The Dublin Foundation looks favorably at those projects which promise to affect a broad segment of the citizens of Dublin, or which tend to help those who are not being adequately served by the community’s resources.
  • The Dublin Foundation is especially interested in supplying the “seed money” for new and dynamic projects – that is, grants are made to existing groups moving in new directions or to new organizations. Financial planning by the requesting agency should include careful analysis of sources of funding for ongoing support of the program after the Dublin Foundation funding ends.
  • The Dublin Foundation is interested in projects which have been planned in light of overall community needs and which do not duplicate existing services. A request which asks for a portion of the support for a project will generally receive greater priority than one which looks to the Dublin Foundation as the only funding source.
  • The Dublin Foundation is especially interested in matching grants – that is, those grants which mean each Foundation dollar will attract money from other sources to the project.
  • The Dublin Foundation considers grants two times a year at their Board meetings: April - and October. Grant requests must be submitted by the second Wednesday of the preceding month to be considered at any Board meeting.
  • All proposals must be signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, and must be accompanied by a completed Request for Information form.

In preparing the proposal, reference should be made in as many of the following items are appropriate. Members of the Grant Committee are available, if necessary, to assist applicants in the preparation of the proposal. Additional information and supporting data may be requested by the Grant Committee.

Download the Grant Application.

Background Information

  1. Name, address, email, and telephone number of the organization or project, and the contact person to whom correspondence should be directed.
  2. When and by whom was the organization started?
  3. Who are the members of the Board of Trustees?
  4. Has the board of trustees authorized the request?
  5. Has the organization secured tax exempt 501(c)(3) status? If so, submit a copy of your IRS determination letter, or, if it is not yet available, a statement of your present status and the expected date of IRS approval.

Download the Grant Application.

Plans for the Project

  1. What is to be done – aim or purpose of the project?
  2. Why does it need to be done? (If you wish to attach several supportive statements from qualified individuals substantiating the need and the importance of the project, please do so )
  3. Who will benefit from the project?
  4. Where and by whom will the project be carried out? List the principal staff involved with brief statements of their education, experience, and other pertinent qualifications.
  5. How will the program or project be carried out?
  6. What distinguishes this project from others in the same general field?
  7. Why does the applicant consider itself the logical one to carry out the project?

Budget and Financial Information

  1. Submit the latest audited financial statement for the organization and a current operating budget.
  2. What is the proposed budget for the project?
  3. What is the amount of money being requested from the Dublin Foundation?
  4. Have request for financial support to the project been submitted to other foundations, governmental agencies, or other sources? If so, please list the organizations contacted for funding and the amounts requested?
  5. If the organization is not new, what have been the principal sources of support in the past?
  6. Can the program be sustained once it is started? What will be future sources of funding?

Download the Grant Application.


  1. What evaluation procedures will be used?
  2. If a grant from The Dublin Foundation is approved, a report will be expected at the conclusion of the project, or in some instances, at specified intervals during the project.

Applicants are notified by the Dublin Foundation of the final decision as soon as possible following each meeting.

Download the Grant Application.