Dublin has a strong tradition of giving back, paying forward and having heart.

Every day, we see Dublin’s philanthropic spirit come alive through the hearts of our students, neighbors, community leaders, youth groups, businesses, faith community and organizations.

Practically every activity and moment provides us an opportunity to practice community-minded behavior such as kindness, philanthropy, and generosity.

Thank you, Dublin, for building community by giving back, paying forward, and having heart.

Here are your stories:

Bringing Heart to the Neighborhood

I’m always amazed at the kindness my neighbor, Laura, shows to all. Neighbors, friends and strangers alike, her heart is always expanding. But one specific example where she showed to be a true Samaritan of giving was during the Christmas season. While Laura was caroling, she came across a woman who specifically asked for prayers for furniture – that she and her daughter had just escaped an abusive relationship and were starting fresh. After returning home Laura got on the “Dublin Moms in the Know” group as well as our neighborhood website and, within a week, had enough items to fully furnish her townhouse – plus a Christmas tree and gifts for her and her family! Laura and her husband packed up the items in a rented Uhaul and had everything to the woman’s home!” – Jenna F. 


Sharing gifts and talents

Our youth have so many new challenges and opportunities ahead of them than the generations before. As they begin there studies in this technological world, they will be exposed to things that are still unknown. I recently saw my employee reach out to some of the local schools, offering to donate technology to plan with and learn so kids could access items used in the real world. – Anonymous. 

Leaving Legacy while creating inspiration

I recently saw how one local family started something incredible in their Father’s name – to continue the good he shared throughout his life – and pay homage to his love of athletics and coaching! Their father understood the role that sports and leadership had on impacting kids. The Lindy Infante Foundation was created with the mission of providing athletic scholarships to children in need to play sports. Recently they granted the Boys & Girls Club of Columbus $225,000 which will provide 70 girls and boys in grades 3-6 the opportunity to participate in high-level competitive sports. – Megan J.

Sharing the Christmas Spirit

During the 1st week of December 2016, a co-worker in our Coldwell Banker King Thompson Real Estate Office was informed that 30 children in Foster Care were no longer going to receive promised holiday gifts. Once the office got wind of this story, within two weeks we had all 30 children covered and we even came up with enough gifts for 6 more children to have a happy Christmas.  We either donated money, shopped for gifts, helped with wrapping, organizing or helped with the delivery.  It’s now become a tradition and this year the office was able to support 44 children in foster care most of them teenagers and two expectant teen moms.” – Marlen M.

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