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Dublin Arts Council Ripple Effect: Dublin Foundation Encourages Ripple Effect

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Access to the Scioto River has been identified as a high priority for the citizens of Dublin. In order to inspire use of the local parks and art venues along the river, the Dublin Arts Council created a project entitled Ripple Effect. The project was inspired by letterboxing (or geocaching), which is a mix of treasure hunting, art, navigation and the exploration of interesting, scenic and sometimes remote places. With the use of clues and navigational information, community members and their families can enjoy the scenic views of the Scioto River and six artistic expressions along the way.

The artists display their creative works in Riverboxes at each of the six stops along the adventure. Each Riverbox contains a unique artistic stamp with an ink pad and a journal or notebook. Explorers each have their own stamp and journal, and once they locate a Riverbox, they can mark their stamp in the Riverbox journal, and vice versa. Not only are participants experiencing this artistic talent, but they are being educated on their journey together. These unique artworks serve to foster a sense of exploration and satisfy the community’s interest in the river.

The Dublin Foundation supported this new addition to the community because it provided another source for enjoying local arts while educating the public. Ripple Effect provides a distinctive and artistic expedition through the Dublin community.

Ohio Wildlife Center $4,000 Donation: Dublin Foundation Believes KidsCAN!

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The Ohio Wildlife Center expanded their facilities to include an outdoor education center in Delaware County, in hopes of involving community youth in proactive conservation. This new program for kids was known as the Kids Conservation Action Network, or KidsCAN! With activities such as hiking, bird watching and backyard habitat restoration, the facility provided an educational venue for kids to visit after school.

The program worked to teach kids about conservation and the environment, and engage them in neighborhood stewardship practices. Teaching children at a young age about the importance of caring for our environment and all its habitants is an enormous benefit to the community and its future. KidsCAN! teaches life skills, problem-solving and teamwork, all while giving kids a fun place to celebrate the outdoors.

With the support of the Dublin Foundation, the Ohio Wildlife Center was able to provide the equipment, training and other pertinent supplies to execute the program. For these children, the mentoring and learning process was a gift they will never forget.

Jerome High School Granted $5,000 for Biodiesel Research Group: Dublin Foundation Fuels Student Research Initiative

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The growing interest of the Dublin City School District in finding alternative fuel options turned into a research project lead by a group of Jerome High School students. Their mission: Find out how biodiesel fuel works, and how it can be used in Dublin City Schools. After many long hours or research and testing, a pathway to using substitute fuel in school buses was born. The goal of this research was to gain a sense of biodiesel’s effectiveness when compared to regular diesel.
Biodiesel can be created from many forms of waste materials, which the students discovered were available to them through the cafeteria. By using the cooking oil waste that the cafeteria produced over a six-month period, the students concluded they would have enough fuel to power two school buses. Not only could lower the amount of diesel fuel used, but it could save the community and school district a substantial amount of money annually.

Empowered to be creative, the students gained a sense of pride, along with new knowledge of alternative resources. The school district saved money on fuel expenses, and had the privilege of being at the forefront of technological advances. The potential that this research presented represents a new wave of innovation that the Dublin Foundation was proud to be a part of.